Wellesley Historical Society


The Wellesley Historical Society cares for a collection of photos, archives and uniforms related to Wellesley veterans. Please contact Kathleen Fahey, Curator, at kfahey@wellesleyhistoricalsociety.org if you would like to research or make a donation to our collection.

Additional Resources:

  • List of Wellesley Veterans who attended Wellesley High School: Students at the Wellesley High School completed a significant project in 2016 to document the veterans that attended Wellesley High School.  Please check out their database by clicking here.
  • DD Form 214: Discharge papers for Wellesley Veterans are kept in the West Suburban Veterans' District office at the Wellesley Town Hall. This collection dates back to WWI.  Contact Sarada Kelpee, Director of the West Suburban Veterans' District at skalpee@westsuburbanveterans.com or 781-489-7509 for more information. Please note that some information may be restricted due to privacy issues.