Wellesley Historical Society

Tea with Jeanie
March 10, 2019, 3-5pm
Wellesley Community Center 

Join us for a tea tasting, delicious treats and a wonderful background on tea, including its role in Wellesley. RSVP and purchase tickets by March 4, 2019: 

Click here to register for this event (Space is limited). Recommended for adults and teens.

Jeanie Goddard rejected teabags at an early age, so smitten was she by the glorious flavor of loose tea. Every major decision that she and her husband Brooks, also an ardent tea drinker, made took place over a cup of tea—hers with lemon and his with milk and sugar. 

As an English teacher at Wellesley High School for most of her adult life, she made it her mission to share her passion for tea with her students and persuade them that tea was a force for good. During her graduation speech in 2001, she suggested that if you drank tea, not only would you never want, but you also would never be picked up by the Wellesley Police. So sure was she that this advice could be life changing, that she taped a little packet of Halmari Assam tea under every graduate’s seat to take home and share a pot with family and friends. She is hoping that those students embarked on a life of tea and will always find a cup both invigorating and comforting. 

From taking tea at The Dorchester Hotel in London, to haunting Fortnum and Mason, touring tea plantations in Sri Lanka, and visiting the world’s only Tea Institute based in Jorhat, India, Jeanie and Brooks have kept tea at the center of their travels. Please join them for a tea tasting adventure.