Wellesley Historical Society

Second Annual Craft Beer Event

Sunday, September 29, 4-6pm

Sunset Terrace, Wellesley Country Club

Event Photos

Germany may boast of its Hofbrauhaus and its annual Oktoberfest, but Wellesley will respond this fall with its Craft Beer Tasting event on the Sunset Terrace of the Wellesley Country Club on September 29th from 4-6 p.m. So the beer steins might be a tad smaller than in Munich, but the variety of craft beers available to savor plus the delicious hors d’oeuvres will more than suffice. Local specialty beers will be on offer during the evening, a tribute to the following creative brewers of New England. 

Brewing out of Portland, Maine, Peak Organic prides itself on providing innovative flavors and, as they describe it, “contemporary takes on the traditional styles of beer.” They collaborate with Maine farmers who produced the first harvest of hops in Maine since 1880.

Exhibit A in nearby Framingham believes firmly that their beers tell a story and can even connect us to the meaning of life. They take their responsibilities to protect the environment seriously.

Jack’s Abby beers are lagers and only lagers. Also of Framingham and with a Wellesley High School connection, Jack’s Abby features locally grown ingredients, traditional German brewing standards, and American innovation.

Mystic Brewery brews “Vivid. Mindful. Beer.” Their batches range from IPA to Porter to Ale to Saison. They hail from Chelsea, MA.

Impassioned by the belief that beer can bring all people together. Lord Hobo relishes the connections that enable both lords and hobos to drink like royalty. Their taproom can be found in Woburn.

The mission of Night Shift Brewery of Everett is to serve fresh, delicious craft beers to their community. Along with their IPAs, lagers, and ales, they also use recipes built on fruit purees and spices.

Idle Hands Craft Ales is a nanobrewery of small-batch, Belgian-inspired beers. Born in Malden, they might possible bring their ale called Mazamomma to our tasting.

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Thank you to our sponsors, Harrison McPhee, Hoffman Insurance and the Wellesley Gentlemen's Society.